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Nature and cultural heritage

Dutch nature and cultural heritage are unique and deserve optimal protection. De Haij & Van der Wende has extensive knowledge in the field of nature and heritage protection. We are ready to support you in dealing with the legal aspects. 

Natura 2000: protection at European level

Natura 2000 is a network of nature conservation areas in the European Union, aimed at preserving biodiversity. If your activities could affect these areas, it is essential to take the appropriate legal measures. We can guide you in navigating the complex legislation and ensuring your projects meet European nature conservation standards. 

Species protection: focus on flora and fauna

Protection of endangered plant and animal species is a crucial part of environmental law. We can help you conduct ecological surveys, applying for exemptions and preparing management and mitigation plans to ensure that your projects are in harmony with the wildlife present. 

National monuments and monument preservation
Caring for national monuments is a specialist discipline. These buildings and objects tell the story of our history and should be treated with respect. We can advise you on the possibilities for preservation, restoration and repurposing, and assist you in obtaining the necessary permits and subsidies. 

Balanced allocation of functions: planning for the future

The process of weighing and regulating the various interests in the physical environment is commonly referred to as ensuring a ‘balanced allocation of functions’. Due to the multitude of activities taking place in the living environment, nature and culture do not always receive proper attention and tend to be under increasing pressure. Damage to nature (and culture) is often permanent or very long-term. For that reason, these interests deserve special protection. Our firm offers legal assistance to nature and culture conservation organisations by ensuring legal embedding of these interests in municipal plans. We can assist in submitting opinions and will provide support in legal proceedings where necessary. 

Town and village conservation area 

Areas of special historic or architectural significance can be designated as town and village conservation areas. This entails specific rules and restrictions for owners and users. We can advise on the applicable regulations and assist you in protecting your interests. 

Why choose De Haij & Van der Wende?
At De Haij & Van der Wende, we have a passion for nature and cultural heritage. We use our legal expertise to protect these valuable features of our society and to preserve them for future generations. Please contact us to discuss how we can assist you. 

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