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Working-from-home contract

The corona crisis has changed our lives.

Perhaps the biggest shift is virtual working. The advice in the Netherlands is to work from home, unless this is impossible.

As an employer, you are responsible for the safety and well-being of your employees when working from home. You must ensure your employee has an ergonomic workplace. It’s possible that your employee has moved the company desk, chair, and computer, to his or her home. Or that you bought certain items for the employee’s workplace at home.

However, don’t forget that the desk, office chair and the computer, are your property. What if your employee finds another job?

  • Have you made the necessary arrangements for having your property returned to your company?
  • Have you agreed when the employee must return these office supplies?
  • What about right of ownership?
Dennis Tessa Lawyer Rotterdam

“Do you have questions about employees working from home? Feel free to contact us now.”

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Free working-from-home contract

A contract has been drawn up for you for FREE. No one wants to be confronted by unexpected legal issues. The legal matters handled in this contract are ones you might encounter as an employer. Should you have any questions about how to fill this contract in or how to use it, please feel free to contact us now. Call us at 010 220 44 00 or e-mail us at mail@haijwende.nl.

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