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IEvery employer has heard this saying a hundred 100 times: I wish you a lot of staff.

An old joke but one which contains a grain of truth. Things are fine when everything is going well. It’s a whole different story when this is not the case. A discussion about terms and conditions of employment, an argument between two employees, a lack of clarity about overtime arrangements, or even a difference of opinion about being on time. Employees can also be a burden. That’s when attorneys are usually approached for their assistance in these matters. Unfortunately, employers are often too late. These problems could have been prevented if the employer had contacted an attorney earlier to draft these employment contracts, terms and conditions, or regulations.

De Haij & Van der Wende offers you a legal HR subscription. Starting from €225.00 a month excl. VAT or €2,500 per year excl. VAT, we can help you revise and update: Terms and conditions of employment, Employment contracts, and Regulations. Our advice is to keep a personnel file on each employee, and of course, you can always call us for advice. Feel free to use us as your sounding board.

Case 1

For years, employee Jan has always arrived at work a couple of minutes too late. He also often leaves a little bit early. You’re fed up with his being late and bring Jan’s tardiness to his attention. Despite promises to improve, his behaviour remains the same. A few months later you remind him of his tardiness. The next morning, Jan, as usual, is late again. You fire him. Jan lodges an objection denying that you had warned him several times about his tardiness. You lose the case in court because you never documented your having warned him. Tardiness wasn’t clearly stipulated in your work regulations either. If you had been a subscriber, this would never have happened to you.

Case 2

Company X is in dire straits. The management decided in April to reorganise. The HR manager has to leave as well. The company is unable to quickly produce all of the redundant employees’ documentation. The files are still not complete in August. They don’t call a lawyer since they believe this is expensive. It turns out to be a penny-wise and pound-foolish decision. The company is declared bankrupt in September. If this company had subscribed to our HR subscription, bankruptcy could have been avoided.

What does our Legal HR subscription include?
Juridisch HR Abonnement
Sparring partner

You can count on us to be your sparring partner regarding the legal aspects of your HR questions. As part of our yearly subscription (for a minimum of 1 year) we pay you an annual visit to discuss your current state of affairs. You can always call us for advice as well.

Terms and conditions of employment

We edit your terms of employment so you that you and your employees know exactly where you stand. And so that your terms and conditions of employment are always completely in line with laws and regulations.


We revised your model so that you and your employees know exactly where you stand. And so that your terms and conditions of employment are always completely in line with laws and regulations.

Labour regulations

We revise your labour regulations so that you and your employees know exactly where you stand. All company regulations regarding working hours, confidentiality, social media best practices, etc. are clear to everyone who works at your company.

Personnel file

We also advise you to keep a personnel file for each of your employees. In practice, if an employee is not willing to cooperate in terminating the labour agreement, this file can be quite useful.

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Do you want to subscribe now? Or do you have any questions about our offer?

Then send your request or questions to Dennis Oud (d.oud@haijwende.nl), Tessa Sipkema (ts@haijwende.nl) or Elke Bijvank (e.bijvank@haijwende.nl). You can reach us on: 010 – 220 44 00.

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