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Flexible contracts and freelancer contracts

Utilizing freelancers or other flexible workers can be a wise choice. However, with the introduction of the DBA Act and the abolition of the VAR, questions have arisen that are important for employers. The flexible working relationship with the freelancer is not without obligations for the employer. Additionally, the law in this area is constantly evolving. Whereas the distinction between employees and freelancers was once clear, nowadays the client can, in certain cases, be held liable for workplace accidents as if they were the employer. The lawyers at De Haij & Van der Wende are well-versed in the specific rules that apply to flexible workers and can provide you with strong advice.

We know how the contract you sign with the freelancer should look. With this, we can relieve you of any worries, allowing you to stay focused on your business. This way, we both do what we are good at. You run your business, and we ensure that you won’t encounter problems later on. That's one less worry for you.

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