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Environmental permit

In the complex field of environment and planning law, the environmental permit is a central element, where different aspects of a project can come together. At De Haij & Van der Wende, we specialise in guiding our clients through this multifaceted process, with particular attention to technical construction, environmental aspects, and environmental planning activities. 

Technical construction: the foundation of your project
Precision is key in technical construction projects. The environmental permit plays a crucial role in this context, where all technical aspects of the construction process are carefully assessed. Our firm provides legal support and expertise to ensure that your construction plans comply with all applicable standards and regulations, clearing the way for a successful project. More specifically, we can also assist and advise clients on issues concerning obligations under quality assurance law and the interaction between government, developer/builder and consumer. 

Environment: responsibility and sustainability.
Environmental rules can be a challenge in the realisation of a project and even lead to suspension of projects. The environmental impact of projects is an increasingly important consideration in the field of environment and planning law. We help you identify all relevant environmental aspects so that your project can meet legal standards. This will ensure the long-term viability of the project. 

Environmental plan activities: coherence and consistence
Environmental plan activities form the interface between your project and local spatial planning policy. Integrating your plans correctly into the existing environmental plan is essential.  Our team of experienced lawyers will guide you through this process, striving to ensure harmonious incorporation of your project into the municipal frameworks.

Customised regulations: customisation required
The possibility of imposing customised regulations is an essential tool for municipalities and environment agencies to authorise activities in the living environment. If the law allows it, they can deviate from the general rules in specific cases through customised regulations. But customised regulations could also be drafted in such a way that they unnecessarily restrict your activities. We can assist you in creating desirable customised regulations or help you counter undesirably imposed regulations. Our team will help you shape these regulations in consultation with the municipality or environment agency so that they are clear, legally tenable and effective, and you can continue running your business. 

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