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Environmental plan

At De Haij & Van der Wende, we understand that the environmental plan is more than just a document on spatial planning; it is the regulatory framework when it comes to integrated area-based policy. Area-based policy deals with much more than just spatial planning: construction, infrastructure, water, soil, air, landscapes, nature, cultural heritage, and world heritage. Our experience and legal expertise enable us to assess the complexity and opportunities presented by an environmental plan and to advise you on the possibilities and space available to realise your plans.

Customised rules and customised regulations: important tools
We see in our practice that customised rules and customised regulations are essential instruments for municipalities. They offer the flexibility to set specific, local requirements and respond to unique challenges within an area. We can help you clarify the impact of customised regulations on your activities. In addition, we can assist you in achieving the desired customised regulations or help you counter undesirably imposed customised regulations. Our team will help you shape these regulations in consultation with the relevant municipality so that they are clear, legally tenable and effective, and you can continue running your business.

Compensation for loss: a balanced approach

If public authorities act according to the rules and thus legally correct, their decisions may still adversely affect companies and citizens. There is usually a statutory entitlement to compensation for losses suffered in these cases. Our firm has extensive experience in the field of compensation for loss and will assist you in finding fair and balanced solutions. 

Focus on odour and noise: a delicate balance

Odour and noise can directly affect the feasibility of your plans. It is often a delicate balance between creating opportunities on the one hand and liveability of the surroundings on the other hand. Our firm advises on applicable standards and flexibility options and will help you find solutions. We can also assist you in enforcement proceedings. 

Your partner in spatial development

At De Haij & Van der Wende, we employ our legal expertise and experience to guide you through challenges that the environmental plan and higher-level legislation may entail for your project. Together, we will work to achieve a high-quality living environment.  

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