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Activities in the living environment are often accompanied by nuisance. This nuisance may by temporary or continuous. Nuisance caused by activities often has a major impact on well-being and the residential and living environment. For that reason, it is important to reduce nuisance as much as possible. At De Haij & Van der Wende, we understand the complexity of nuisance and the related legal challenges. We combine legal expertise with a practical approach and will collaborate with you on solutions that are both legally robust and feasible in practice. 

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Vibrations: a delicate balance

Vibrations, mostly caused by construction activities or traffic, may cause considerable nuisance. We can help you assess whether a certain level of vibration nuisance is allowed under the applicable standards. If this is not the case, we will support you in finding a solution that will both minimize the nuisance and comply with the legal requirements. 

Odour:  a variable nuisance limit 

Business activities may involve odour emissions. A certain level of odour nuisance could be allowed. But what is an acceptable odour emission for one person is a nuisance to another. What is or is not an acceptable odour emission is regulated by law and in the environmental plan and depends on the type of activity, among other things. For example, there are specific rules for odour caused by livestock farms and the keeping of farm animals. There are also rules for the accumulation of odour, in order to secure a good living environment. Odour nuisance? Or planning to start activities that will possibly cause nuisance? We can give you sound advice on the rules. We can also assist you in enforcement proceedings. 

Noise: harmony or cacophony?

Noise pollution has a huge impact on the environment. However, not all noise pollution is inadmissible. For instance, there are standards for noise production in and surrounding industrial areas and commercial areas, and for road noise. The noise impact on sensitive objects – including housing, healthcare, childcare and education – is also regulated. What is or is not allowed is partly regulated by law, and partly by the municipality, in the environmental plan. Would you like to know whether the noise caused by your business activities is in line with the rules? Or do you experience noise pollution from your surroundings? We can advise you on the options and search for solutions together.

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