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Noncompetition clause/customer protection clause

When your employees carry a lot of valuable knowledge and information about your organization or your clients' business, it is advisable to consider a non-compete clause or a non-solicitation clause. If your employee is always being called by clients on their personal number, you need to address this when the employee no longer works for your company. A non-compete clause or non-solicitation clause can provide clarity on unclear rights and obligations for you and your employee. When the agreements are clear, it is easy for the employee to comply with the restrictions imposed on them. You can draft the non-compete clause or non-solicitation clause in various ways, but there are strict conditions. Such a clause restricts the employee's freedom to work elsewhere. Different important aspects apply to every industry and every business, which can be customized in an employment contract. The lawyers at De Haij & Van der Wende have experience and expertise in drafting the non-compete clause and the non-solicitation clause.

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