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Regulations and personnel manuals

To safeguard the rights and obligations of your employees, it can be important to establish basic principles in regulations or employee handbooks. This provides clarity for employees about the rules that apply within your company and can serve as a reference if issues arise.

However, you cannot arbitrarily include everything in regulations or employee handbooks. Sometimes you are bound by collective labor agreements (CAOs) and binding labor law regulations. Additionally, you cannot unilaterally change existing regulations or employee handbooks without due process.

Our lawyers know which rules you can and cannot include in the regulations or employee handbook. It is advisable to have this legally reviewed to ensure that in times of need, the provisions cannot be invalidated due to legal invalidity.

With up-to-date knowledge of labor law, the lawyers at De Haij & Van der Wende can take this burden off your shoulders. We ensure quality and make sure your employee handbook and regulations are legally sound and up to date.

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