Attention SME entrepreneurs: SLIM subsidy available (again) from March! 💶


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For an employer, it is important that its employees continue to develop so that employees remain sustainably employable and employees themselves enjoy their work more. In SMEs, it is usually less common for employees to follow education or training because there is no budget or time. To encourage this, the government has made available a subsidy scheme especially for SMEs: the SLIM scheme.

This subsidy is designed to help (SME) entrepreneurs create a learning-rich working environment. In 2023, this subsidy scheme was also there, only the scheme has been renewed for 2024. The government has made 47.2 million available for this purpose. The subsidy is now also available for learning scans, which show entrepreneurs to what extent development is stimulated and where there is room for improvement. Such a scan provides a training plan tailored to your business. In addition, the application must now make clear how the learning & development method used contributes to the learning culture and how the acquisition of new knowledge and skills is embedded in the organisation.

We list the following information for you:

  1. For whom. SMEs, SME partnerships and large companies from the agriculture, hospitality and recreation sectors. Specific criteria apply to each applicant;
  2. When to apply? Between 1 March to 28 March 2024 and 2 September to 30 September 2024 (SMEs) or between 3 June to 31 July 2024 (joint ventures and large companies from the agriculture, catering and recreation sectors);
  3. What for?
  • Screening of the enterprise resulting in a training or development plan aimed at providing insight into the training need from the perspective of the enterprise;
  • Obtaining career or development advice for employees in the enterprise or, in case of a partnership, for employees in other SMEs;
  • Supporting and guiding in the development or implementation of an L&O method;
  • Providing apprenticeships for some time for the purpose of vocational training or part of it in the third apprenticeship route at a recognised apprenticeship company;
  1. How to apply? Register as an applicant via the Subsidy Portal of Implementation of Policy and make the application;
  2. How much and for how long? There are deviations from the below for certain sectors.
  • SMEs: max €25,000 with a duration of 12 months. The grant is for small SMEs 80% and medium-sized SMEs 60% of eligible costs (at least €5,000).
  • Cooperation partnerships SMEs: max. € 500,000 and per cooperation partner max. € 200,000 with a duration of 24 months. The grant is 60% of eligible costs (minimum € 210,000).
  • Large companies: max. € 200,000 with a duration of 24 months. The subsidy is 60% of eligible costs.

So be quick. If too many applications are submitted, the order of processing will be determined by drawing lots. The time of receipt of the complete grant application is decisive. Make sure you have submitted a complete application immediately so that you do not have to join the back of the queue again. You will then be notified within 18 weeks whether the grant has been awarded or rejected.

More information can be found on the website of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment.

Please note: you do not receive a subsidy for training costs as was the case with the STAP budget, but you do receive a subsidy for, for example, creating educational programmes or preparatory interviews. It is also possible to apply for a subsidy for the provision of a practical training place or a pathway through part-time work.

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